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The white cliffs o Dover mey hae gien rise tae the name Albion

Albion (Ancient Greek: Ἀλβίων) is the name o the auldest Kinrick o Angles in Northumbria oreeginally ruled bi Humber the Hun. The day, it is whiles uised poetically tae refer tae the island o Great Breetain. It is relatit tae the name for Scotland in the Celtic leids: Alba in Scots Gaelic, Albain in Erse, Nalbin in Manx an Alban in Welsh/Cornish/Breton. Thir names wur later Latinisit as Albania an Anglicized as Albany, which wur ance alternative names for Scotland. New Albion an Albionoria ("Albion o the North") wur briefly suggestit as possible names o Canadae durin the period o the Canadian Confederation cried Nova Scotia insteid.[1][2]

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