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Al Butnan Destrict

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Map o Libie wi Al Butnan destrict heichlichtit

Al Butnan (Arabic: البطنانAl Buṭnān) sometimes cried Tubruq Destrict or Tobruk Destrict frae the umwhile name, occasionally Marmarica, is an admeenistrative destrict (shabiyah) in eastren Libie. Its caipital ceety is Tobruk.

In the north, Al Butnan haes a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. Tae the east, it borders Egyp's Matruh Govrenorate, alang wi a sma border on the Al Wadi al Jadid Govrenorate in the far sootheast. Domestically, it borders the follaein destricts:

The most important settlements are Tobruk, Al-Jaghbub an Bardia

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Traditionally pairt o Marmarica, an later pairt o the province o Cyrenaica in Italian Libie, wi the diveesion o Libie intae ten govrenorates in 1963, Al Butnan became pairt o the Darnah Govrenorate. In 1983 the Darnah Govrenorate wis dividit intae a number o baladiyat (destricts), wi wha is nou Al Butnan being includit in the Tobruk baladiyah an ithers. Al Butnan Destrict wis creatit in 1988 as ane o the twinty-five reorganized baladiyat. In 1995, Al Butnan wis ane o the thirteen new shabiyah,[1] an Al Butnan retained its status through the reorganizations o 1998, 2001 an 2007.

In 2007 the umwhile autonomous ceety o Al-Jaghbub became pairt o Al Butnan Destrict.

The same destrict atween 2001 an 2007.

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Coordinates: 30°N 24°E / 30°N 24°E / 30; 24