Admeenistrative diveesions o Ingushetie

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Republic o Ingushetie, Roushie Flag of Ingushetia
Caipital: Magas
As o 2010:
# o destricts
# o ceeties/touns
# o urban-type settlements
(посёлки городского типа)
# o selsovets
As of 2002:[1]
# o rural localities
(сельские населённые пункты)
# o uninhabitit rural localities
(сельские населённые пункты без населения)

Local sel-govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

Due tae problems o definin the border atween Chechnie an Ingushetie, as well as those relatit tae the militar operations in the region (First an Seicont Chechen Wars), baith republics hae no established a seestem o local sel-govrenment till 2009.

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