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First Chechen War

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First Chechen War
Pairt o Chechen–Roushie conflict

Roushie Mil Mi-8 helicopter brocht doun bi Chechen fichters near the caipital Grozny in 1994
Date11 December 1994 – 31 August 1996
(1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks and 6 days)
LocationChechnie an pairts o Ingushetie, Stavropol Krai an Dagestan, Roushie

Chechen victory

  • Khasavyurt Accord
  • Widrawal o Roushie truips.
  • Continuation o Chechnya's de facto unthirldom.
 Roushie Chechen Republic o Ichkerie Chechen Republic o Ichkerie
Foreign mujahideen[1][2][3][4][5]
Ukrainian volunteers
Turkey Turkish volunteers[1]
Commanders an leaders

Roushie Boris Yeltsin
Roushie Pavel Grachev

Commanders o Jynt Group of Federal Forces in Chechnie:
Roushie Alexei Mityukhin
Roushie Anatoly Kulikov
Roushie Anatoly Shkurko
Roushie Vyacheslav Tikhomirov
Roushie Vladimir Shamanov
Chechen Republic o Ichkerie Dzhokhar Dudayev
Chechen Republic o Ichkerie Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev
Chechen Republic o Ichkerie Aslan Maskhadov
Chechen Republic o Ichkerie Shamil Basayev
Ibn Al-Khattab
38,000 (December 1994)
70,500 (February 1995)
Chechen Republic o Ichkerie 2,300[7]–12,000[8]
Casualties an losses
5,732 killed or missin (Roushie offeecial figur)
14,000 killed or missin (CSMR estimate)
At least 161 killed outside Chechnya[10]

3,000 killed or missin (CRI claim)
15,000 killed or missin (Roushie claim)

30,000–40,000 (RFSSS data)[11]

The First Chechen War, forby kent as the War in Chechnie, wis a conflict atween the Roushie Federation an the Chechen Republic o Ichkerie, focht frae December 1994 tae August 1996.


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