Abiy Ahmed

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This airticle is aboot a person that's name ends in a patronymic raither nor a faimily name. The airticle properly refers tae the person bi his gien name, Abiy, an nae as Ahmed.
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Abiy Ahmed Ali
ዐቢይ አህመድ አሊ
Abiy Ahmed 2019.jpg
Abiy Ahmed in 2019
15t Prime Meenister o Ethiopie
Assumed office
2 Apryle 2018
PresesMulatu Teshome
Sahle-Work Zewde
DeputeDemeke Mekonnen
Precedit biHailemariam Desalegn
3rd Chairman o the Ethiopian Fowk's Revolutionary Democratic Front
Assumed office
27 Mairch 2018
DeputeDemeke Mekonnen
Precedit biHailemariam Desalegn
Leader o the
Oromo Democratic Pairty
Assumed office
22 Februar 2018
DeputeLemma Megersa
Precedit biLemma Megersa
Meenister o Science an Technology
In office
6 October 2015 – 1 November 2016
Prime MeenisterHailemariam Desalegn
Precedit biDemitu Hambisa
Director o the Information Netwark Siccarity Agency
In office
Precedit biTeklebirhan Woldearegay
Personal details
Born (1976-08-15) 15 August 1976 (age 44)
Beshasha, Jimma Zone, Socialist Ethiopie
Poleetical pairtyOromo Democratic Party
Ither poleetical
Ethiopian Fowk's Revolutionary Democratic Front
Spoose(s)Zinash Tayachew[1]
Bairns3 dochters an 1 adoptit son
EddicationMicrolink Information Technology College (BA)
Varsity o Greenwich (MA)
Ashland Varsity (MBA)
Addis Ababa Varsity (PhD)
AwairdsNobel Peace Prize (2019)
WabsteidFDRE Office o the Prime Meenister
Militar service
Allegiance Ethiopie
Service/branchEthiopie Airmy
Years o service1991–2010
Rank13.EA-LTC.svg Lieutenant Colonel
UnitAirmy Seegnals Corps
CommandsInformation Netwark Siccarity Agency
Battles/warsEthiopie Ceevil War
Unitit Naitions Assistance Mission for Rwanda
Eritrean–Ethiopie War

Abiy Ahmed Ali (Ge'ez: ዐቢይ አህመድ አሊ, Oromo: Abiyyii Ahimad Alii, eften shortened tae Abiy Ahmed or juist Abiy; born 15 August 1976) is an Ethiopie politeecian servin syne 2 Apryle 2018 as the fowert[2] an current prime meenister[3] o the Federal Democratic Republic o Ethiopie.

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