2019–20 Hong Kong protests

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2019–20 Hong Kong protests
Pairt o the democratic development in Hong Kong,
Hong Kong–Mainland Cheenae conflict
an the protests o 2019
Various protest scenes in Hong Kong Clockwise frae tap: Protesters on 16 Juin 2019 • Makshift roadblock ablaze on 15 September 2019 • Protesters hoachin the streets on 18 August 2019 • Murnin the daith o Chow Tsz-lok • Polis tear-gas dispersal on 12 Juin 2019Hong Kong Way campaign 13 September 2019 • Protesters on 12 Juin 2019
Date15 Mairch 2019–present
(5 years, 2 months, 1 week and 3 days)
LocationHong Kong
Ither ceeties warldwide in solidarity
Caused bi
GoalsFive Demands
  • Full widrawal o the extradeetion bill frae the legislative process
  • Retraction o the chairacterisation o the 12 Juin 2019 protests as "riots"
  • Release an exoneration o arrestit protesters
  • Establishment o an independent commission o inquiry intae polis behaviour
  • Universal suffrage for Legislative Cooncil an Chief Executive elections
  • Bill suspendit on 15 Juin an offeecially widrawn on 23 October[7][8]
  • Polis pairtially retractit chairacterisation o protests on or afore 12 Juin as "riots", except for five individuals in Admiralty on 12 Juin[9]
Pairties tae the ceevil conflict
Lead feegurs
(na centralised leadership)

Supportit bi:

Daiths, injures an arrests
  • 2,600+ (as o 9 December 2019)[19][a]
Reestit~9,000 (as o 28 Mey 2020)[21][22][23][b]
Chairged1,749+ (as o 10 Juin 2020)[26][21]

The ongag 2019–20 Hong Kong protests war triggert bi the introduction o the Fugitive Offenders anmmendment bill bi the Hong Kong govrenment. Gin pit forrit, the bill wad hae alloued fowk tae be extradichtit tae jurisdictions whaur Hong Kong disnae hae extradition greements, includin mainland Cheenae an Taiwan. This led tae concerns that the bill wad subject Hong Kong residents an veesitors tae the legal seestem o mainland Cheenae, an unnerminin Hong Kong's autonomy an infringin ceevil leeberties.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The nummer o ceevilians injured is certainly unnerstatit, acause some protesters socht medical help frae unnergrund clinics due tae mistrust in the govrenment services.[20]
  2. The feegur includes an unkent nummer o repeat arrests occurrin in the coorse o the protests. Accordin tae an airticle in the South China Morning Post, as o 10 October 2019 thare war close tae 2,400 arrests, wi aboot 60 bein repeat arrests.[24] The nummer o arrestees currently in custody is uncertaint as o 18 Apryle 2020.[25]

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