2016 Brussels bombins

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2016 Brussels bombings
Cairt o the Mairch 2016 Brussels bombins in relation tae each ither.
(1) 08:00 : Concourse B o Brussels Airport.
(2) 09:15 : Brussels Maelbeek metro station
LocationBrussels Airport in Zaventem an Maalbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium
CoordinatesFirst explosion at airport:

50°53′52″N 4°29′00″E / 50.8977754°N 4.4833392°E / 50.8977754; 4.4833392 (Brussels Airport first explosion)[1]
Seicont explosion at airport:
50°53′53″N 4°28′59″E / 50.8980663°N 4.4831139°E / 50.8980663; 4.4831139 (Brussels Airport seicont explosion)[1]
Explosion at metro station:

50°50′38″N 4°22′37″E / 50.8438166°N 4.3769521°E / 50.8438166; 4.3769521 (Maelbeek metro station explosion)[1]
Date22 March 2016
c. 08:00–09:11 (UTC+1)
TargetCeevilians, transport hubs
Attack teep
Suicide bombins, shuitin, bombin, mass murther
WappensAK-47 rifle
Daiths33+ (31+ victims, 2 perpetrators)
Non-fatal injures
PerpetratorsIslamic State o Iraq an the Levant[2]
No. o pairteecipants

On the mornin o 22 Mairch 2016, three coordinatit bombins occurred in Belgium: twa at Brussels Airport in Zaventem an ane at Maalbeek metro station in Brussels. In these attacks, at least 31 ceevilians an twa suicide bombers war killed, an 250 ither ceevilians war injured, resultin in three days o naitional mournin in Belgium. An assault rifle an a third bomb war foond during a rake o the airport. The Islamic State o Iraq an the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks.[3] It wis the deadliest act o terrorism on Belgian sile.[4]

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