Ögedei Khan

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A portrait o Ögedei durin the Great Yuan.

Ögedei Khan (Mongolian: Өгэдэй‎, Ögedei; an aa Ogotai or Oktay; Ogodei) (c. 1186 – December 11, 1241) wis the third son o Genghis Khan an seicont Great Khan (Khagan) o the Mongol Empire bi succeedin his faither. He continued the expansion o the empire that his faither haed begun, an wis a warld figure when the Mongol Empire reached its farthest extent wast an sooth durin the invasions o Europe an Asie.[1] Lik aw o Genghis' primary sons, he participatit extensively in conquests in Cheenae, Iran an Central Asie.

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