Yves Chauvin

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Yves Chauvin
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005 on stage, Richard R. Schrock, Yves Chauvin (center), Robert H. Grubbs
Born10 October 1930(1930-10-10)
Menen, Belgium
Dee'd27 Januar 2015(2015-01-27) (aged 84)
Tours, Fraunce
Alma materLyon Schuil o Chemistry, Pheesics, an Electronics
Kent forDecipherin the process o metathesis
AwairdsNobel Prize in Chemistry (2005)
Scientific career
InstitutionsFrench Institute f Petroleum

Yves Chauvin (French: [ʃɔvɛ̃]; October 10, 1930 – Januar 27, 2015) wis a French chemist an Nobel Prize laureate.