Yusef o Morocco

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Sultan Yusef ben Hassan

Sultan Yusef ben Hassan (1882–November 17, 1927) (Arabic:السلطان يوسف بن الحسن) ruled the French Protectorate o Morocco frae 1912 till his daith in 1927. Born in the ceety o Meknes tae Sultan Hassan I, he inheritit the throne frae his brither, Sultan Abdelhafid, who abdicatit efter the Treaty o Fez (1912), which made Morocco a French protectorate. He wis a member oi the Alaouite Dynasty.

Yusef's reign wis turbulent an markt wi frequent uprisings against Spain an Fraunce. The maist serious o these wis a Berber uprisin in the Rif Mountains, led bi Abd el-Krim. Though this originally began in the Spainyie-controlled aurie in the north o the kintra, it reached tae the French-controlled aurie till a coalition o Fraunce an Spain finally defeatit the rebels in 1925. Tae ensure his awn safety, Yusef moved the court frae Fez tae Rabat, which haes served as the caipital o the kintra iver since.

Yusef's reign came tae an abrupt end when he dee'd suddenly o uremia in 1927. He wis succeedit bi his son Mohammad.

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Sultan o Morocco
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