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A deer an twa fawns brousin at fullyery.

A yerbivore is an ainimal anatomically an physiologically apt tae eatin plant material, sic as girse an fullyery, for the maist feck o its diet. As the affcome o their plant diet, yerbivorous ainimals for ordinar hae moothpairts apted tae cramishin or flirrin. Horses an ither yerbivores hae braid flet teeth nor bes apted tae gristin girse, tree bark, an ither runch plant material.

A muckle feck o yerbivores hae beneficial gut flora nor weir them disgeest plant matter, whilk bes war tae disgeest nor the inmeat o beists.[1] Sic flora is componed o cellulose-disgeestin protozoans or bacteria.[2]

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