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William Howard Taft

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William Howard Taft
27t Preses o the Unitit States
In office
4 Mairch 1909 – 4 Mairch 1913
Vice PresesJames S. Sherman (1909–1912)
Nane (1912–1913)[a]
Precedit biTheodore Roosevelt
Succeedit biWoodrow Wilson
10t Chief Juistice o the Unitit States
In office
11 Julie 1921 – 3 Februar 1930
Nominatit biWarren G. Harding
Precedit biEdward Douglass White
Succeedit biCharles Evans Hughes
42nt Unitit States Secretar o War
In office
1 Februar 1904 – 30 Juin 1908
PresesTheodore Roosevelt
Precedit biElihu Root
Succeedit biLuke Edward Wright
1st Proveesional Govrenor o Cuba
In office
29 September 1906 – 13 October 1906
Appyntit biTheodore Roosevelt
Precedit biTomás Estrada Palma
(as Preses)
Succeedit biCharles Edward Magoon
Govrenor-General o the Philippines
In office
4 Julie 1901 – 23 December 1903
Appyntit biWilliam McKinley
Precedit biArthur MacArthur, Jr.
(Military Governor)
Succeedit biLuke Edward Wright
Juidge o the Unitit States Coort o Appeals for the Saxt Circuit
In office
17 Mairch 1892 – 15 Mairch 1900
Appyntit biBenjamin Harrison
Precedit biSeat established
Succeedit biHenry Franklin Severens
6t Soleecitor General o the Unitit States
In office
4 Februar 1890 – 20 Mairch 1892[1]
PresesBenjamin Harrison
Precedit biOrlow W. Chapman
Succeedit biCharles H. Aldrich
Personal details
Born15 September 1857(1857-09-15)
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Dee'd8 Mairch 1930(1930-03-08) (aged 72)
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Restin placeArlington Naitional Seemetry
Poleetical pairtyRepublican
Spoose(s)Helen Herron (m. 1886)
ParentsAlphonso Taft
Lousia Maria Torrey
EddicationYale University (BA)
Varsity o Cincinnati (LLB)
SignaturCursive signature in ink

William Howard Taft (15 September 1857 – 8 Mairch 1930) wis the 27nt Preses o the Unitit States frae 1909 tae 1913, an aa later Chief Juistice o the Unitit States, the anerly person tae hae held baith offices. Taft wis electit preses in 1908, the chuisen successor o Theodore Roosevelt, but wis defeatit for re-election bi Woodrow Wilson in 1912 efter Roosevelt split the Republican vote bi runnin as a third-pairty candidate. In 1921, Preses Warren G. Harding appyntit Taft tae be chief juistice, a poseetion in that he served till a month afore his daith.

Taft wis born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1857. His faither, Alphonso Taft, wis a U.S. Attorney General an Secretar o War. Taft attendit Yale an, lik his faither, wis a member o Skull and Bones. Efter acomin a lawer, Taft wis appyntit a juidge while still in his twenties. He conteena'd a fest rise, bein named Soleecitor General an as a juidge o the Saxt Circuit Coort o Appeals. In 1901, Preses William McKinley appyntit Taft ceevilian govrenor o the Philippines. In 1904, Roosevelt made him Secretar o War, an he becam Roosevelt's haund-picked successor. Despite his personal ambeetion tae acome chief juistice, Taft declined repeatit offers o appyntment tae the Supreme Coort o the Unitit States, believin his poleetical wark tae be mair important.

Wi Roosevelt's help, Taft haed little opposeetion for the Republican nomination for preses in 1908 an easily defeatit William Jennings Bryan for the presidency that November. In the White House, he focused on East Asie mair nor European affairs an repeatitly intervened tae prop up or remuive Laitin American govrenments. Taft socht reductions tae tred tariffs, then a major soorce o govrenmental income, but the resultin bill wis hivily influenced bi special interests. His admeenistration wis filled wi conflict atween the conservative weeng o the Republican Pairty, wi that Taft eften sympathized, an the progressive weeng, taewart that Roosevelt muived mair an mair. Controversies ower conservation an antitrust cases filed bi the Taft admeenistration served tae faur separate the twa men. Roosevelt challenged Taft for renomination in 1912. Taft uised his control o the pairty machinery tae gain a bare majority o delegates an Roosevelt bowtit the pairty. The split left Taft wi little chance o re-election an he teuk anerly Utah an Vermont in Wilson's veectory.

Efter leavin office, Taft returned tae Yale as a professor, conteenin his poleetical activity an wirkin against war throu the League tae Enforce Peace. In 1921, Preses Harding appyntit Taft as chief juistice, an office he haed lang socht. Chief Juistice Taft wis a conservative on business issues an unner him thare war advances in individual richts. In puir heal, he resigned in Februar 1930, an dee'd the follaein month. He wis buiried at Arlington Naitional Seemetry, the first preses an first Supreme Coort juistice tae be interred thare. Taft is generally leetit near the middle in historians' rankins o U.S. preses.

  1. Vice Preses Sherman dee'd in office. As this wis prior tae the adoption o the Twenty-Fift Amendment in 1967, a vacancy in the office o Vice Preses wis nae filled till the next ensuin election and inauguration.


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