William Herschel

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William Herschel
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BornFrederick William Herschel
15 November 1738(1738-11-15)
Hanover, Brunswick-Lüneburg, Holy Roman Empire
Dee'd25 August 1822(1822-08-25) (aged 83)
Slough, Ingland
NaitionalityGerman; later Breetish
Kent forDiscovery o Uranus, discovery o infrared radiation, deep sky surveys
AwairdsCopley Medal
Scientific career
FieldsAstronomy an muisic
SignaturWilliam Herschel Signature.svg

Frederick William Herschel,[1] KH, FRS (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel; 15 November 1738 – 25 August 1822) wis a German-born Breetish astronomer, technical expert, an componer. Born in Hanover, Germany, Herschel follaed his faither intae the Militar Baund o Hanover, afore emigratin tae Breetain at age 19. He acame famous for his discovery o the planet Uranus, alang wi twa o its major muins (Titania an Oberon), an an aa discovered twa muins o Saturn. In addeetion, he wis the first person tae discover the existence o infrared radiation. He is an aa kent for the twenty-fower symphonies, an mony ither muisical pieces, that he componed.

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