Willem Einthoven

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Willem Einthoven
Willem Einthoven.jpg
Willem Einthoven in 1906
Born 21 Mey 1860(1860-05-21)
Semarang, Dutch East Indies
Died 29 September 1927(1927-09-29) (aged 67)
Leiden, Netherlands
Naitionality Dutch
Alma mater Varsity o Utrecht
Kent for Electrocardiogram
Awairds Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1924
Scientific career
Fields Pheesiology
Institutions Varsity o Leiden

Willem Einthoven (21 Mey 1860 – 29 September 1927) wis a Dutch doctor an pheesiologist. He inventit the first practical electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) in 1903 an received the Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine in 1924 for it ("for the diskivery o the mechanism o the electrocardiogram").[1]

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