What Not to Wear (UK TV series)

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What Not to Wear (Whit no tae Weir) is a reality makower televeesion shaw in baith Breetain an the Unitit States.

It stairtit in the UK on BBC Twa syne on BBC Ane; syne it wis braidcast in the US on BBC Americae. An American version gaes oot on TLC. The Breetish version wis aince presentit bi Trinny Woodall an Susannah Constantine but sin the saxt series his bin presentit bi Lisa Butcher an Mica Paris. In the US version the hosts is Stacy London an Clinton Kelly.

Ilka episode featurs a style confrontation an makower o a man or wumman that haes been leetit bi thair feres as bein no parteecularly fashionable. The veectim is gien £2000 in the UK version, ($5000 in the American version) for tae coff new claes. Awtho thay are open tae weir the claes hou thay wiss, thay are leukit ower an coonselt on the weys o fashion bi the shaw's twa hosts. At the end, the bodie confronts thair freends an familie for tae shaw thair new leuk.

A lethal faur-futur version o the shaw kythed in the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf". Set in the year 200,100, Constantine an Woodall wis the vyces o the killer androids Trinn-E an Zu-Zanna.

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