Walter Traill Dennison

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Walter Traill Dennison (1825–1894) wis a fermer an fowklairist. He wis a native o the Orkney island o Sanday, in Scotland, Unitit Kinrick, whaur he collectit local fowk tales an ither antiquites.[1] Dennison recordit maist o the information available aboot tradeetional tales tauld on Orkney but tae an extent "romanticised an seestematisit" pairts o it in the process o transformin the stories intae prose.[2] He publisht the fowk stories, mony in the local Orcadian dialect, in 1880 unner the title The Orcadian Sketch-Book (William Peace & Son, Kirkwall).[3] An aw author o the ten Sanday Revival Hymns (published anonymously, 1861, Edinburgh).

Marriet wi ane dochter, he dee'd on 3 September 1894 efter a short illness.[4]

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