Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a 2005 stap-motion animatit film, the first featur-lenth Wallace & Gromit film. It wis fundit bi DreamWorks Animation an Aardman Animations, an lowsed bi DreamWorks Pictures. The film wis directit bi Nick Park an Steve Box an makkit hailie in Breetain. Hit wis released in the Unitit States in October 2005 tae naur-haund universally great reviews, includin "A" ratins fae Roger Ebert an Ty Burr.

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is in pairt a parody o the horror genre, an conteens monie images that parodies or gies mense tae specific horror films. Ane o the telly advertisements for the film is a montage o thae parody images an scenes.

Peter Sallis (the vyce o Wallace) is jyned in the film bi Ralph Fiennes (as Lord Victor Quartermaine), Helena Bonham Carter (as Lady Tottington) an Peter Kay (as PC Mackintosh). Gromit bides lown.

Nick Park telt an interviewer that efter sindry Sey shawinss wi Breetish an American bairns, the picter wis chynged tae "tone down some of the British accents and make them speak more clearly so the American audiences could understand it all better [1] Archived 2005-11-07 at the Wayback Machine."

The machine Wallace caws in the new film is an Austin A35 van. Thegither wi Aardman in the Spring o 2005, a road wirthy replica o the model wis creatit bi the brithers Mark an David Armé, foonders o the International Austin A30/A35 Register, for promotional ettles. In a 500 man oor customisation, an oreeginal 1964 van received a hail bodie restoration afore bein cloured for tae mak a perfit marrae o the smaw van uised in the film. The offeecial litt o the van is Preston Green, named in mense o Nick Park's hame toun. The name wis waled bi the Airt Director an Mark Armé.