Wallace & Gromit

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Wallace and Gromit is the feck chairacters in a series o three Breetish animatit films an a muivin picter bi Nick Park o Aardman Animations. Aw the chairacters wis makkit fae mouldit plasticine on weir frames, an filmed wi stap motion animation.

Wallace[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wallace bides at 62 West Wallaby Street, wi his dug Gromit. He for ordinar is foond weirin a white day sark, broun oo troosers, green wyve tank tap an reid tie. He loues cheese - rathest Wensleydale. The thocht o Lancashire hetpat keeps him gaun in a crisis. He enjyes a leisurlie cup o tea or a drib o Bordeaux reid for thir speicial occasions. He reads the Morning Post, the Afternoon Post, an the Evening Post.

He is an inveterate clecker, creatin primpit wheeriorums that aft disna wirk as mynt. He haes a hamelie naitur, an is mebbie a bittie ower weel-hertit.

Gromit[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gromit bides wi Wallace. His birthday is 12t o Februar. He likes wyvin, readin the wittins blad, his alairm cloak, bane, sooper an framed picter o hissel wi Wallace. He is forbye unco guid wi electric gear (a grommet is a bittie o electric weir insulation, a tairm Nick Park gat fae his brither, an electreecian), an is kittlie, smairt an fendie. He disna express hissel in wirds but his facial expressions—in parteecular his brae spaeks volumms.