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Villabona is a veelage o over 5500 inhabitants in the comarca o Tolosaldea, Gipuzkoa province, Basque Kintra, Spain. It haes a urban aurie, close tae the Oria River, an a landwart aurie, Amasa, around which the veelage oreeginally shapit. Villabona is locatit in the Oria Valley, in the fuithills o Munt Gazume an Munt Uzturre. It is aboot 20 kilometre (12 mi) frae the provincial caipital, San Sebastián.

The veelage oreeginally grew aroond the Amasa Quairter, in Villabona's heichest aurie. In 1619, baith dounsets set up a jynt toun cooncil. The Pairish Kirk o San Martín de Tours staunds in Amasa. This kirk, biggit atween the 16t an 18t hunderyears, haes a interestin heich altarpiece. Close bi is the Hermitage o Santa Cruz, the first pairish o the aurie.

Thare are a great nummer o agrotourism lodgins afferin endless activities. The main tourist appeal is in its landwart an muntain settin. Thare are twa competeetions o rebote, celebratit in Julie an September. Rebote is a style o the Basque sport pelota that is anerly played in Villabona an Zubieta. Durin the San Martín Festivities in November, Amasa celebrates the tradeetional Oilasko Jokua. Boys, wi their ees covered, muive forwaird tae the soond o a muisic that trees tae mislead thaim. They hae tae find a chicken, hit it wi a sickle, an cut its heid aff.

Atween 2003 an 2007 the Mayor o the toun wis Bakartxo Tejeria who went on tae be Preses o the Basque Pairlament in 2012.[1]

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