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Ezkio-Itsaso (Spaingie, Ezquioga-Ichaso) is a toun locatit in the province o Gipuzkoa, in the autonomous commonty o Basque Kintra, in northren Spain.

It is a landwart, idyllic place foondit in 1965 bi the fusion o the municipalities o Ezkio an Itsaso. Ezkio wis renouned in the 1930s for the apparitions o the Virgin Mary even tho the Catholic Kirk haes no authenticatit thaim.

Thare is a advancit project tae build a AVE heich-speed train station in Ezkio-Itsaso that wad become a important travel hub connectin the Basque Y tae Navarre.

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Coordinates: 43°4′55″N 2°16′27″W / 43.08194°N 2.27417°W / 43.08194; -2.27417