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Oiartzun is a toun o the Basque Kintra locatit in the province o Gipuzkoa (Spain) leein at the fuit o the massif Aiako Harria.

The name traces back tae the Oiasso or Oiarso o the Roman period, a important toun dedicatit tae minin an marine activities. Housomeivver, it haes been pinpointit actually in the current border toun o Irun, so the name mey hae referred tae the whole aurie.


A river bearin the same name meanders throu the meadaes an neebourheids o this spairse municipality. That is actually ane o its main featurs, it is scattered in different quairters athort the valley. Elizalde lees on a prominence an it is the central nucleus o the toun, wi the main kirk San Esteban an toun haw bein locatit thare. At the fuit o Elizalde lees Altzibar bi the Oiartzun River. Ugaldetxo developit intae a urban built-up aurie surroondit bi industrial estates near the AP-8 motorwey, while the rest o the neebourheids hae hung ontae their landwart an picturesque landscape tae a muckle extent.

Alfonso VIII of Castile chairtered it as toun but it teuk some decades afore its unthirldom frae Orereta wis total.

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Coordinates: 43°17′57″N 1°51′28″W / 43.29917°N 1.85778°W / 43.29917; -1.85778