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Villa Soldati
The Cámpora Freewey an the Soldati hoosin complex
The Cámpora Freewey an the Soldati hoosin complex
Location o Villa Soldati athin Buenos Aires
Location o Villa Soldati athin Buenos Aires
Kintra  Argentinae
Autonomous Ceety Buenos Aires
Comuna C8
Important steids Parque de la Ciudad
Parque Roca Stadium
 • Total 8.7 km2 (3.4 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Tot 41,228
 • Density 4,700/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
Time zone ART (UTC-3)

Villa Soldati is a neebourheid in Buenos Aires, Argentinae, locatit in the soothwast o the ceety. It haes a population o approximately 41,000 fowk, 40% o which live in Barrio Soldati, a public hoosin development biggit atween 1973 an 1979.

The waird is delimitit bi 27 de Febrero Ave., Coronel Esteban Bonorino, General Francisco Fernández de la Cruz Ave., Varela, Perito Moreno Ave., Castañares, an Escalada streets.

Foondit in 1908 bi Dr. José Soldati as "Villa Lugano," the aurie oreeginally includit what the day is the Villa Lugano neebourheid. The first lots wur sauld in 1911, but the aurie's topografie led tae frequent floodin, an hintle o the aurie wis left undevelopit. The neighborhhod wis bolstered bi the establishment o the lairge La Vascongada dairy in 1930, but the openin o a landfill in 1936 dampened howps for the aurie's futur growthe. Villa Soldati wis formally demarcatit as such in 1972.[1]

On the fore-nuin o 11 Juin 1962 a train struck a bus on a level crossin in Villa Soldati, killin 43 fowk, maistly childer[2]

The aurie saw dramatic chynges durin the tenure o militar-appointit Mayor Osvaldo Cacciatore, when he attemptit tae revitalize the waird (the ceety's poorest) wi the construction o the Parque de la Ciudad, an amusement pairk. Built efter 1977 ower the umwhile landfill, the bankruptcy o the developer (Interama) in 1980 led tae controversy when Cacciatore haed the ceety absorb the group's debts o ower US$100 million; in the end, the amusement pairk's planned 15 million yearly visitors niver came (attendance haes niver toppit 1 million).[3]

The Parque Roca Stadium, a multi-purpose facility, opened in Villa Soldati in 2006, became the hame o the Argentinae Davis Cup Team, an hostit a semifeenal match o the 2006 Davis Cup as its first sportin event.[4]

On 11 Dizember 2010, violence eruptit in a shanty toun in the Parque Indoamericano in Villa Soldati. Polis an militar units haed tae be cried tae restore order, nae till three fowk wur deid o gunshots.[5]

Villa Soldati
The amusement park space tower
The amusement pairk space touer 

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Coordinates: 34°40′S 58°27′W / 34.667°S 58.450°W / -34.667; -58.450

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