Viides Luku – Hävitetty

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V: Hävitetty (Chapter V - Ravaged) is the fift full-lenth album bi the Finnish fowk metal baund Moonsorrow. It wis released on Januar 10, 2007 throu Spinefarm Records. As a joke bi the baund, the name "Homosika" (gay pig) wis released as the wirkin title for "Viides Luku - Hävitetty".

Hävitetty follaes up on the soond establisht on Moonsorrow's previous studio album, Verisäkeet. The album consists o ae twa sangs, each exceedin 25 minutes in lenth, an act as organic compositions wi recurrin muisical themes which are gradually biggit upon up tae climaxes. While the folk instruments an choirs o prior albums are still present, Hävitetty haes a mair prominent black metal influence; for ensaumple it features tremolo pickin an blast beats. In the New York Times, the album wis cawed "an engrossin hourlon album,"[1] an "engrossing, enveloping music."[2]

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "Jäästä Syntynyt/Varjojen Virta" ("Born o Ice/Stream f Shadows") (Henri Sorvali, Marko Tervonen, Ville Sorvali) – 30:10
  2. "Tuleen Ajettu Maa" ("A Land Driven Intae the Fire") (Henri Sorvali, Marko Tervonen, Thomas Vaananen, Ville Sorvali) – 26:19

Personnel[eedit | eedit soorce]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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