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Victor Weisskopf
Victor Frederick Weisskopf in the 1940s.
Born 19 September 1908(1908-09-19)
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
Died 22 Apryle 2002(2002-04-22) (aged 93)
Newton, Massachusetts, Unitit States
Residence Austrick, Denmark, Germany, Swisserland, Unitit States
Naitionality Austrick, Unitit States
Alma mater Varsity o Göttingen
Awairds Max Planck Medal (1956)
Oersted Medal (1976)
Naitional Medal o Science (1980)
Wolf Prize (1981)
Enrico Fermi Awaird (1988)
Public Welfare Medal (1991)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesicist
Institutions Varsity o Leipzig
Varsity o Berlin
ETH Zurich
Niels Bohr Institute
Varsity o Rochester
Manhattan Project
Doctoral advisor Max Born[1]
Doctoral students Kerson Huang
J. David Jackson
Murray Gell-Mann
Kurt Gottfried
Lawrence Biedenharn

Victor Frederick "Viki" Weisskopf (September 19, 1908 – Aprile 22, 2002) wis an Austrick-born American theoretical pheesicist.

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