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Viðareiði (pronoonced [ˈviːjaɹaijɪ], literally: Wood-Isthmus, Dens: Viderejde) is the northmaist dounset in the Faroe Islands an lees on the Island o Viðoy, which belangs tae the Norðoyar Region. It lees on an isthmus wi heich muntains tae baith the north an sooth.

The community is linked owerland bi a dam an tunnel seestem tae the regional centre o Klaksvík on Borðoy. The road tae Viðareiði goes alang the wast coast o Viðoy, throu the toun, an then alang the island's east coast tae the uninhabitit Miðdalur Valley wi its teepical sma waterfaw.

Tae the north, Munt Villingdalsfjall rises ower 844 meters (2,769 ft) frae the watter. It is the heichest muntain in the North Islands an the third-lairgest in the entire Faroese airchipelago. The north coast is merked bi Cape Enniberg, the seicont heichest sea cliff in Europe at 754 meters (2,474 ft). Leukin tae the wast frae Viðareiði, ane haes a view o the michty northren peaks o Borðoy an Kunoy. Turnin aroond, ane can see throu the crag an tails o the isthmus tae the eastren Island o Fugloy. Feenally, tae the sooth o the toun, the 751 meters (2,464 ft) heich cone-shaped muntain o Malinsfjall can be seen during guid wather. Viðareiði is a depairtur pynt for a vast aurie o hikin. In the community, thare is no anerlie a sma grocery store, but an aw the Hotel Norð wi its restaurant that serves traditional cuisine.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 17t century, the auld kirk wis destroyed in a storm. It is said that a pairt o the cemetery wis washed away bi the sea an that coffins frae the cemetery wur recovered in Hvannasund an reburiet in Viðareiði.

Viðareiði kirk
General view o Viðareiði

The current kirk wis biggit in 1892. The kirk siller is a gift frae the Breetish govrenment, thankin the Viðareiði's ceetizens for the rescue o the Brig Marwood, which wis shiprecked near Viðareiði durin a winter storm in 1847.

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