Veronica Guerin

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Veronica Guerin
Statue o Veronica Guerin in the Dublin Castle
Born5 Julie 1958(1958-07-05)
Dublin, Ireland
Dee'd26 Juin 1996(1996-06-26) (aged 37)
Dublin, Ireland
Thriftjurnalist, accoontant
Years active1990–1996
Pairtner(s)Graham Turley

Veronica Guerin (5 Julie 195826 Juin 1996) wis an Erse jurnalist an accoontant.

She studit accoontin at Trinity College, Dublin, but efter she decidit tae begin a career in public relations. Frae 1983 tae 1984, she servit as secretary o the poleetical pairty Fianna Fáil at the New Ireland Forum.

In 1990, she decidit tae become a jurnalist an wrote her first articles for the newspapers “Sunday Business Post” and “Sunday Tribune”. In 1994 she began writing aboot organisit crime in Ireland for the newspaper “Sunday Independent”, using pseudonyms tae refer tae the creeminals involvit, in order tae avoid libel complaints. As a consequence o the articles that she published, she receivit daith threats an efter, on 26 Juin 1996, she wis assassinatit bi drog trokers[1].

The 2003 film Veronica Guerin is based on his life, an she is portrayed bi Cate Blanchett.

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