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Organisit crime

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Organisit crime or creeminal organisations are transnational, naitional, or local groupins o heichlie centralisit enterprises run bi creeminals for the purpose o engagin in illegal activity, maist commonly for monetary profit. Some creeminal organisations, sic as terrorist organisations, are poleetically motivatit. Whiles creeminal organisations force fowk tae dae business wi them, as when a gang extorts money frae shopkeepers for sae-cried "protection".[1] Gangs mey acome disciplined enough tae be considered organisit. An organisit gang or creeminal set can be referred tae as a mob an aw.[2]

In the Unitit States, the Organized Crime Control Act (1970) defines organisit crime as "The unlawful activities o [...] a heichlie organisit, disciplined association [...]".[3] Creeminal activity as a structured group is referred tae as racketeerin an sic creeme is commonly referred tae as the wirk o the Mob. In the UK, polis estimate organisit creeme involves up tae 38,000 fowk operatin in 6,000 various groups.[4]


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