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Veintiocho de Noviembre

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28 de Noviembre, written oot as Veintiocho de Noviembre, is a toun in soothwastren Santa Cruz Province, Argentinae. It haes roughly 5,300 inhabitants, maistly o Argentinian, an Italian oreegin, an is locatit 270 km (168 mi) wast o Río Gallegos an 13 km (8 mi) sooth o Río Turbio. The toun is near the border wi Chile, no far frae Puerto Natales. Its main economic activity is coal minin.

The toun wis offeecially foondit on 28 November 1959, on the seicont anniversar o adoption o the provincial constitution, when a decree mergit several dounsets intae ane toun which wis namit efter the date o foondation.

28 de Noviembre is the nearest toun tae Río Turbio Airport.

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Coordinates: 51°39′S 72°18′W / 51.650°S 72.300°W / -51.650; -72.300