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Río Turbio

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Río Turbio
Municipality an toun
Río Turbio is located in Argenteinie
Río Turbio
Río Turbio
Coordinates: 51°32′S 71°18′W / 51.533°S 71.300°W / -51.533; -71.300
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceSanta Cruz Province
DepairtmentGüer Aike Depairtment
 • Intendente (mayor)Horacio Matias Mazu
 (2001 census)
 • Total6,650

Río Turbio is a toun an municipality in the Güer Aike Depairtment o the Santa Cruz Province in soothren Argentinae.[1][2]

It wis foondit in late 1942, as a consequence o the coal minin in the aurie. Rio Turbio wis hame tae the state-awned coal extraction company YCF.

Río Turbio Airport is locatit near tae 28 de Noviembre toun, aboot 16 km soothwast o Rio Turbio.

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