Vauxhall Carlton

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A rebadged Rekord E2 — the Vauxhall Carlton

The Vauxhall Carlton is an executive caur that wis sauld bi Vauxhall in the Unitit Kinrick frae 1978 tae 1994.

Guinness World Record[eedit | eedit soorce]

In June 1992 twa teams frae Horley Round Table, Surrey, UK, set a Guinness World Record time o 77 hours 34 minutes, drivin a total 6,700 km athort the then 12 EC kintras in twa Vauxhall Carlton 24v 3000GSi's (J870FFM an J751DYC). The Carlton's wur providit bi Vauxhall Motors an the record attempt wis an aa supportit bi Mobil Oil an the Royal Automobile Club.

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