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VAZ-1111 Oka is a ceety caur designed in the Soviet Union in 1988 bi AvtoVAZ featurin a 750 cc SOHC 2-cylinder ingine. The caur wis developed bi AutoVAZ, but it haes niver entered volume production there. Aw production wis sourced tae SeAZ factory in Serpukhov an ZMA in Naberezhnye Chelny (umwhilie awned bi Kamaz an nou owned bi SeverstalAvto). There wur plans tae stairt production at the new plant in Yelabuga which niver materialised. The caur is an aa produced in Azerbaijan bi the Gyandzha Auto Plant).

The name comes frae the Oka River in Roushie upon which Serpukhov is situatit.

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