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Ust-Luga (Roushie: Усть-Луга, lit. mooth o the Luga, Votian: Laugasuu, lit. mooth o the Luga) is a dounset an railwey station in Kingiseppsky Destrict o Leningrad Oblast, Roushie, situatit on the Luga River near its entry intae the Luga Bay o the Guwf o Finland, aboot 110 kilometre (68 mi) wast o St. Petersburg.

Port facilities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ust-Luga is the steid o an important coal an fertiliser terminal, constructit at a cost o $2.1 billion. Construction wirks stairtit in 1997, in pairt tae avoid dry cargo shipments throu the Easter states, an wur acceleratit at the urgin o Preses Vladimir Putin, who inauguratit the new port facilities in 2001. The 3,700-metre approach canal is deep an capable o accommodatin ships wi a capacity o 150,000 tonnes an mair. In Mey 2008, Putin confirmit[1] that Ust-Luga will be the feenal point o the projectit Seicont Easter Pipeline,[2] an ile transportation route bypassin Belaroushie.

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

As o 2005, the population o Ust-Luga does no exceed 2,000, but the port admeenistration expects it tae grow tae 34,000 bi 2025. This wad make Ust-Luga the first new toun built in Roushie efter the faw o the Soviet Union.[3]

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