Votic leid

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vađđa ceeli, maaceeli
Native taeRoushie
Native speakers
8 (60+l2) (2010 census)[1]
Leid codes
ISO 639-2vot
ISO 639-3votinclusive code
Individual code:
zkv – Krevinian
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Votic or Votian (vađđa ceeli or maaceeli – screivit sae vaďďa tšeeli, maatšeeli[3] an aa) is the leid spoken bi the Votes o Ingrie, alanging tae the Finnic branch o the Uralic leids.

Votic is close tae the Ingrian an Estonian leids. Maist o the spikkers o Votic are auld bit thare are young fowk thit tawk it fur thit thay hiv leart the leid. Ye can lear the Votic leid in mony universities in Roushie, Estoonia an in Finland. Sum fowk say thit the Votic leid is a byleid o the Estonian leid but no a muckle. ainly aboot 68 fowk spik the Votic leid.

Votic is spikken in three veelages, thay are: Krakolie, Peski an Luzhitsy, forby sum spikkers leeve in ither ceeties o Roushie an Estonie

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