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Votic Coat o Airms, designed bi Alexander Gurinov
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Roushie73 (2002)[1]
 Estonie9 (2000)[2]
Votic, Roushie, Ingrie
Relatit ethnic groups
other Finnic fowks

Votes (cried Vod an aw) are a fowk o Votie in Ingrie, the pairt o modren day northwastren Roushie that is roughly soothwast o Saunt Petersburg an east o the Estonie border-toun o Narva. Their awn ethnic name is vadjalain (plural: vadjalaizõt). The Finnic Votic leid spoken bi Votes is close tae extinction. Votians wur ane o the foondin fowk o Veliky Novgorod. The Votic leid is still spoken in three veelages o historical Votia an bi an unkent nummer o fluent Votic speakers in the kintraside. The veelages are Jõgõperä (Krakolje), Liivtšülä (Peski), an Luuditsa (Lužitsõ).[3]

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