Upper Sorbian leid

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Upper Sorbian (Hornjoserbšćina) is a minority language spoken bi Sorbs in Germany in the historical province o Upper Lusatia (Hornja Łužica in Sorbian), which is today pairt o Saxony. It is grouped in the Wast Slavic leid branch, thegither wi Lawer Sorbian, Czech, Polish, Slovak an Kashubian.

The Upper Sorbian leid in Germany[eedit | eedit soorce]

A bilingual sign in Germany; the lawer pairt is in Upper Sorbian

There are estimatit tae be 40,000 speakers o Upper Sorbian, o which amaist aw live in Saxony. This puts Upper Sorbian as the third lairgest minority leid in Germany, efter Turkis an Dens, but afore Frisian.

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