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Salaheddine Bitar[eedit soorce]

In Arabic Wikipedia, his name is صلاح البيطار, Salah al-Bitar.
What is the source for your rename? Varlaam (talk) 22:37, 5 Dizember 2012 (UTC)

Moving[eedit soorce]

What are you trying to do? PiRSquared17 (talk) 13:14, 2 Januar 2013 (UTC)[Replie]

He has moved the Tunisian revolution to "Jasmine" Revolution.
That move has already been rejected by this project at least once before, since it is out of step with every other major language: English, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.
I do not have blocking powers.
Varlaam (talk) 14:11, 2 Januar 2013 (UTC)[Replie]

Januar 2013[eedit soorce]

Nuvola apps important.svg Haud on! Gin ye aye cairy on takkin a rise oot o Wikipedia, ye will be baured frae editin.

Yer chynge tae As-Suwayda haes been revertit. Varlaam (talk) 17:17, 12 Januar 2013 (UTC)[Replie]

(in French) Les écossais parlent en anglais, et pas en français, n'est-ce pas?
Ils sont britanniques. Comme tous les autres Britanniques.
Vive notre Reine.

(in Spaingie) Hablan los escoseses inglés, no francés, ¿verdad?
Son británicos.
Varlaam (talk) 20:16, 12 Januar 2013 (UTC)[Replie]