Tula, Hidalgo

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Tula de Allende
Municipality an toun
Panorámica de la zona arqueologica de Tula.JPG
Coat of airms o Tula de Allende
Coat airms
Tula de Allende is located in Mexico
Tula de Allende
Tula de Allende
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 20°03′N 99°21′W / 20.050°N 99.350°W / 20.050; -99.350
Kintra Mexico
Municipal seatTula de Allende
 • Total305.8 km2 (118.1 sq mi)
 • Total93,296
Columns in the form o Toltec warriors in Tula

Tula, formally, Tula de Allende, is a toun an ane o the 84 municipalities o Hidalgo, in central-eastren Mexico. The municipality covers an aurie o 305.8 km² (118.07 sq mi), an as o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o 93,296, wi 28,432 in the toun.[1] The municipality includes a feck o smawer ootlyin touns, the lairgest o whilk are El Llano, San Marcos, an San Miguel Vindho. It comprised ane o the 56 defined Zona Metropolitana (ZM), o whilk Tula haes 5 municipios, 184,691 fowk in 2005 Census, up frae 169,901 in 2000 Census coverin 592 square kilometer[2]

It is locatit some 100 km tae the north-northwast o Mexico Ceety. It covers pairt o the sootheastren portion o the Pre-Columbie ceety.

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