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Tepeji del Río de Ocampo
Municipality an ceety
Tepeji del Río de Ocampo is located in Mexico
Tepeji del Río de Ocampo
Tepeji del Río de Ocampo
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 19°54′14″N 99°20′29″W / 19.90389°N 99.34139°W / 19.90389; -99.34139
Kintra Mexico
Municipal seatTepeji del Río de Ocampo
 • Total393.4 km2 (151.9 sq mi)
 • Total69,755

Tepeji (offeecially: Tepeji del Río de Ocampo) is a ceety an ane o the 84 municipalities o Hidalgo, in central-eastren Mexico. The municipality covers an aurie o 393.4 km².

Tepeji del Rio haes mony industrial complexes wi companies such as Procter an Gamble, Kaltex, Arteche, Zaga, PPG, Pilgrims Pride etc. An investment group haes constructit a gowf course at nearbi Lake Requena wi associatit residential aurie. There is a plaza which haes a supermercat an aw, a gas station, a movie theater, an ither shops.

As o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o aboot 70,000.[1]

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