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Tu Youyou
Tu Youyou 5012-1-2015.jpg
Tu Youyou, Nobel Laureate in medicine in Stockholm December 2015
Native name 屠呦呦 (Tú Yōuyōu)
Born (1930-12-30) 30 December 1930 (age 88)
Ningbo, Zhejiang, Cheenae
Residence Beijing
Naitionality Cheenese
Citizenship Fowkrepublic o Cheenae
Alma mater Peking University Medical School / Beijing Medical College (now Peking University Health Science Center)[lower-alpha 1]
Kent for Discoverin artemisinin an dihydroartemisinin in Project 523
Awairds Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Awaird (2011)
Warren Alpert Foundation Prize (2015)
Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine (2015)
Scientific career
Fields Medicinal chemistry
Cheenese yerbology
Antimalarial medication
Clinical resairch
Institutions Cheenae Academy o Tradeetional Cheenese Medicine[2][lower-alpha 2]
Academic advisors Lou Zhicen (at Peking Varsity Medical School / Beijing Medical College)
Influences Lou Zhicen (pharmacognosy)
Ge Hong (Chinese herbology)
Mao Zedong (promoting integrated traditional Chinese and modern Western medicine; ordering Project 523)
Influenced Project 523
Tu Youyou
Cheenese 屠呦呦
Leeteral meanin

(Tú, surname)
(yōu): (the sound of) deer bleating

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Tu Youyou (Cheenese: 屠呦呦; pinyin: Tú Yōuyōu; born 30 December 1930) is a Cheenese pharmaceutical chemist an eddicator. She is best kent for discoverin artemisinin (an aa kent as qinghaosu) an dihydroartemisinin, uised tae treat malaria, which saved millions o lives. Her discovery o artemisinin an its treatment o malaria is regairdit as a signeeficant breakthrou o tropical medicine in the 20t century an heal improvement for fowk o tropical developin kintras in Sooth Asie, Africae, an Sooth America. For her wirk, Tu received the 2011 Lasker Awaird in clinical medicine an the 2015 Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine jyntly wi William C. Campbell an Satoshi Ōmura. Tu is the first Cheenese Nobel laureate in pheesiology or medicine an the first female ceetizen o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae tae receive a Nobel Prize in ony category, as well as the first Cheenese person tae receive the Lasker Awaird. She wis born an eddicatit an carried oot resairch exclusively in Cheenae.[3]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Peking University Medical School (北京大学医学院) became the independent Beijing Medical College (北京医学院) in 1952. Tu Youyou attended it between 1951 and 1955. Later in 1985 it was renamed Beijing Medical University (北京医科大学), and was returned to Peking University as Peking University Health Science Center (北京大学医学部) since 2005.[1]
  2. The Beijing-based Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医研究院) was established in 1955 and renamed the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (中国中医研究院) in 1985 and then the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences (中国中医科学院) in 2005. Tu Youyou has been working at the Academy since 1955. The Academy was subsidiary to the Ministry of Health and is now directly under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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