Triumph TR3

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1957 TR3
1957 TR3

The Triumph TR3 wis a caur biggit atween 1955 an 1957 bi Standard-Triumph in the Unitit Kinrick, durin which time 13,377[1] caurs wur produced, o which 1286 wur sauld wi'in the UK while the rest wur exportit mainly tae the USA. As o 2002 thare wur anerlie 893 registered TR3/3a's on UK roads.[2]

Awtho the caur wis uisually supplied as an open twa seater, an occasional rear seat an bolt on steel haurd tap wur available as extras.

The caur wis pouered bi a 1991 cc straight-4 OHV ingine which initially produced 95 hp (71 kW, 96 PS) increasin tae 100 bhp at 5000 rpm.[3] The fower speed manual transmission coud be supplementit bi an owerdrive unit on the tap three ratios electrically operatit an controlled bi a switch on the dash. In 1956 the front brakes changed frae drum tae disc becomin the first Breetish series production caur tae be sae fittit.[4].

In 1957, it wis replaced bi an updatit version, the TR3A.

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