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Cabañas Trevelin nieve 166.jpg
Trevelin is locatit in Argentinae
Location o Trevelin in Argentinae
Coordinates: 43°5′S 71°28′W / 43.083°S 71.467°W / -43.083; -71.467
Kintra Argentinae
Province Chubut
Depairtment Futaleufú
 • Tot 6,395
Time zone ART (UTC-3)
CPA base U9203
Dialing code +54 2945

Trevelin (Welsh: Trefelin) is a toun in the Patagonie Argentine province o Chubut. It is locatit in the depairtment o Futaleufú, sooth o Esquel, an haed aboot 6,400 inhabitants at the time o the 2001 census [INDEC].

The toun wis important in the Welsh dounset o Chubut. It wis named Trevelin (frae Trefelin, the Welsh for "mill toun") efter the first mill, kent as "Los Andes", wis establisht thare bi John Evans in 1889. Ane o the tourist attractions o Trevelín is the grave o Malacara, Evans' horse, who a few years earlier in 1884 haed savit his maister's life bi a prodigious leap.

In 1902, follaein a territorial dispute atween Argentinae an Chile, the inhabitants o the aurie votit tae remain in Argentinae.[1]

The toun, in the Glen o the 16t o October (Welsh: Cwm Hyfryd/Bro Hydref), is near the Percy river, which flows sooth intae the Río Grande, crosses the frontier wi Chile, an thareefter is kent as the Río Futaleufú.

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