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PredecessorPeter Robinson's Top Shop
Top Shop
Foondit1964 (Sheffield)[1]
HeidquartersLunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Nummer o locations
ower 500 shaps athort 40 kintras[2]
Key fowk
Ian Grabiner (CEO)
Mary Homer
(Managing director)[3][4]
AwnerArcadia Group (75%)
Leonard Green and Partners (25%)
ParentArcadia Group

Topshop (oreeginally Top Shop) is a British multinaitional fashion retailer of clothes, shoes, make-up and accessories. It has around 500 shaps worldwide – of which some 300 are in the UK – plus online operations in a number of its merchants. Its current CEO is Ian Grabiner; and is part o the Arcadia Group, which is controlled by Sir Philip Green.[5]

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