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Zhilino kirk o the Assumption o the Divine Mither (18t century)

Tomilino (Roushie: Томи́лино) is an urban locality (a wirk dounset) in Lyuberetsky Destrict o Moscow Oblast, Roushie. Population: 30,605 (2010 Census);[1] 28,545 (2002 Census);[2] 27,736 (1989 Census).[3] In terms o population, Tomilino is the lairgest urban-teep dounset in Lyuberetsky Destrict.

Tomilino consists o a multistory biggins sector an a private houses sector. Railwey station in 25 kilometers (16 mi) sootheast frae Moscow.

In the 19t century, Tomilino wis an estate o Obolensky knyazes. Tomilino wis offeecially foondit in 1894 bi merchant Tomilin as a suburban dounset whaur he build his awn hoose. It became vera attractive for fowk acause o a vera close location tae Moscow.

Later Tomilino became kent as a scientific research, development, an production centre. Some major enterprises wur foondit bi the govrenment. Ane o them is NPP Zvezda plant, famous for the spacesuits for Roushie cosmonauts, includin Yuri Gagarin, an aircraft ejector seats, which heichlie pruivit thairsels in mony extreme situations. Thare's Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant ("Mil helicopters", "MVZ") an aw, Tomilino plant o diamond equipment "TOMAL", Tomilino poultry ferm an a textile mill. Tomilino semiconductor devices plant "TZPP" became operational at 1958. Tomilino is kent as a wirker's dounset syne 1961.

Thare are several seicontar schuils, ane sports schuil, ane muisic schuil, ane buirdin schuil, ane sanative schuil, an a childer creative wirks hoose.

Tomilino haes a local newspaper wi a free-o-chairge distribution "Tomilinskaya Nov" (in Roushie that mean "Wha's new in Tomilino").

The Local Govrenment Buird o Tomilino wis electit in September 2005 for five years, an is representit bi Igor Nickolayevich Dvornikov an his deputies.

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