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Tlatelolco, Mexico Ceety

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Tlatelolco (Clessical Nahuatl: Tlatelōlco [tɬateˈloːɬko], or Tlatilōlco, frae tlalli laund; telolli hill; co place; leeterally translatit "In the little hill o laund") is an aurie in the Cuauhtémoc burgh o Mexico Ceety, centered on the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, a square surroondit on three sides bi an excavatit Aztec airchaeological steid, a 17t century kirk cried Templo de Santiago, a umwhile convent, an office complexes that uised tae belang tae the Meenistry o foreign relations an nou are property o the Naitional Autonomous University o Mexico.

Plaza de las Tres Culturas

Historical events o modren Tlatelolco

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Umwhile foreign meenistry biggin

The Nonoalco-Tlatelolco hoosin project, biggit in the 1960s, is servit bi Metro Tlatelolco. It is hame tae the pyramid-shapit Banobras biggin an aw, which hooses a 47-bell carillon. At 125 metres, this is the warld's tawest carillon touer. Thare is a biggin covered wi white marble that is the umwhile hame o the Secretariat o Foreign Affairs (SRE).

In 1967, the Treaty o Tlatelolco signed here, wi the aim o establishin a nuclear wappen-free zone throuoot Laitin Americae an the Caribbean. Syne then, aw the region's kintras hae signed an ratifee'd the treaty.

On 2 October 1968, ten days afore the stairt o the 1968 Simmer Olympics the plaza wis the scene o the Tlatelolco massacre, in which mair nor 300 student protesters wur killed bi the airmy an polis.

On 19 September 1985, mony hoosin biggins wur destroyed or suffered damages due tae the 1985 Mexico Ceety yirdquauk. Ane structur, the "Nuevo León" biggin, became a seembol o the Mexican fowk's solidarity durin the disaster, representit bi a sma square in the spot whaur the biggin collapsed. Amang the mony ithers, Plácido Domingo labored thare tae help tae rescue survivors, mainly acause his faimily livit thare.


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