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Tlatelolco massacre

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Stele dedicatit tae the remembrance o massacred students.

The Tlatelolco massacre, kent as The Nicht o Tlatelolco (frae a beuk title bi the Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska) an aw, wis the killin o student an civilian protesters as well as bistaunders bi Mexican govrenment employees that teuk place durin the efternuin an nicht of 2 October 1968, in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the Tlatelolco section o Mexico Ceety. The violence occurred ten days afore the 1968 Simmer Olympics celebrations in Mexico Ceety.

While at the time, govrenment propaganda [1] an the mainstream media in Mexico claimit that govrenment forces haed been provokit bi protesters shuiting at thaim, govrenment documents that hae been made public syne 2000 suggest that the snipers haed in fact been employed bi the govrenment. Awtho estimates o the daith toll range frae thirty tae three-hunder, wi eyewitnesses reportin hunders o deid,[2][3][4][5][6][7] Kate Doyle—a Senior Analyst o U.S. policy in Laitin Americae—wis anerlie able tae fynd evidence for the daith o forty-fower fowk.[8] Accordin tae the reports o the heid o the Federal Directorate o Security 1,345 fowk wur arrestit on 2 October.[9]


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