Tibbers Castle

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Tibbers Castle
Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
UK grid reference NY088811
The motte at Tibbers Castle.jpg
The motte at Tibbers Castle
Tibbers Castle is located in Dumfries and Galloway
Tibbers Castle
Tibbers Castle
Coordinates55°15′51″N 3°47′32″W / 55.264167°N 3.792222°W / 55.264167; -3.792222
Site information
Open tae
the public
Site history
Biggit12th /13th century; rebuilt early 14th century

Tibbers Castle is an umwhile castle near ti Thornhill in Nibsdale, Dumfries an Gallowa. Biggit in the 13t century in a 'motte an bailey' style, on the steid o a earlier timmer fortification.[1] It is thocht ti hae had a foremaist pairt fendin Nibsdale in the Wars o Scots Unthirldom.[2] Whit remains o the biggin the day, lie in ruins.[3]

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