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Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison
Fig 103 A phonograph sheet
A Day with Thomas Edison (1922)

Thomas Alva Edison (11 Februar, 184718 October, 1931) wis an American inventor an businessman that cleckit monie important luims. "The Wizard o Menlo Park" wis ane o the first inventors til applee the principles o mass production ti the process o invention. In 1880 Edison foondit the jurnal Science, that in 1900 becam the jurnal o the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Edison is conseidered ane o the maist proleific inventors o his time, haudin a record 1,093 patents in his name. Maist o thir inventions wisna oreiginal but betterments o aerlier patents, an wis raelly cleckit bi his monie warkers. Edison wis aften creiticised for nae sharin the credit. Houaniver, Edison gat patents warldwide, in, amang ither places, the United States, Unitit Kinrick, Fraunce, an Germany. Edison stairtit the Motion Picture Patents Company, that wis a conglomerate o nine big film studios (better kent as the Edison Trust). Edison cleckit the diamont listenin record an aw whaur he uised his productit phonograph for tae play a thich 80 rpm record.