Thomas Bouch

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Sir Thomas Bouch
Thomas Bouch ILN.jpg
Born25 Februar 1822(1822-02-25)
Thursby, Cumbria, England
Dee'd30 October 1880(1880-10-30) (aged 58)
Moffat, Scotland
Ingineerin career
Ingineerin disciplineCivil engineer
Structural engineer
Institution membershipsInstitution of Civil Engineers (Associate 1850, Member 1858)
Signeeficant projectsWaverley Station, Tay Rail Brig

Sir Thomas Bouch (25 Februar 1822 – 30 October 1880) wis a Breetish railwey ingineer. He wis born in Thursby, near Cairl, Cumberland, an lived in Edinburgh. As manager o the Edinburgh an Northren Railway he introduced the first roll-on/roll-off train ferry service in the warld. Subsequently as a consulting ingineer, he helped develop the caisson an popularised the uise o lattice girders in railwey brigs. He wis knighted efter the successfu completion o the first Tay Rail Brig, but his name is chiefly remembered for the subsequent Tay Brig disaster, in which 75 fowk are believed tae hae died as a result o defects in design, construction an maintenance, for aw o which Bouch wis held responsible. He died within 18 month o bein knighted, wi his reputation destroyed.