Tay Rail Brig

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Tay Rail Brig
Taybridge from law 02SEP05.jpg
Tay Bridge at Dundee, Scotland frae the Dundee Law
Coordinates 56°26′14.4″N 2°59′18.4″W / 56.437333°N 2.988444°W / 56.437333; -2.988444Coordinates: 56°26′14.4″N 2°59′18.4″W / 56.437333°N 2.988444°W / 56.437333; -2.988444
Carries Rail traffic
Crosses Firth o Tay
Locale Dundee tae Wormit, Scotland
Tot lenth 3,264 metres (10,709 ft)
Construction begin 22 Julie 1871 (1st)
6 Julie 1883 (2nt)
Construction end early 1878 (1st)
1887 (2nt)
Opened 1 Juin 1878 (1st)
13 Julie 1887 (2nt)
Closed 28 December 1879 (1st)
Tay Rail Brig is locatit in Scotland
Tay Rail Brig

The Tay Rail Brig cairies the main-line railwey athort the Firth o Tay in Scotland, atween the ceety o Dundee an the suburb o Wormit in Fife. Its span is 2.75 miles (3.5 kilometres).

The first Tay brig wis opened in 1878 but collapsed in the Tay Brig disaster o 1879. A new brig wis biggit an opened in 1887.