Tay Rail Brig

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Tay Rail Brig
Taybridge from law 02SEP05.jpg
Tay Bridge at Dundee, Scotland frae the Dundee Law
Coordinates56°26′14.4″N 2°59′18.4″W / 56.437333°N 2.988444°W / 56.437333; -2.988444Coordinates: 56°26′14.4″N 2°59′18.4″W / 56.437333°N 2.988444°W / 56.437333; -2.988444
CarriesRail traffic
CrossesFirth o Tay
LocaleDundee tae Wormit, Scotland
Tot lenth3,264 metres (10,709 ft)
Construction begin22 Julie 1871 (1st)
6 Julie 1883 (2nt)
Construction endearly 1878 (1st)
1887 (2nt)
Opened1 Juin 1878 (1st)
13 Julie 1887 (2nt)
Closed28 December 1879 (1st)
Tay Rail Brig is locatit in Scotland
Tay Rail Brig

The Tay Rail Brig cairies the main-line railwey athort the Firth o Tay in Scotland, atween the ceety o Dundee an the suburb o Wormit in Fife. Its span is 2.75 miles (3.5 kilometres).

The first Tay brig wis opened in 1878 but collapsed in the Tay Brig disaster o 1879. A new brig wis biggit an opened in 1887.