Tay Brig disaster

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Tay Brig disaster
Contemporary illustration o the sairch efter the disaster
Contemporary illustration o the sairch efter the disaster
Date28 December 1879
Time7:16 pm
Rail lineEdinburgh tae Aiberdeen Line
OperatorNorth British Railway
CauseStructural failyie
Daiths75 estimate, 60 kent deid
Leet o UK rail accidents bi year

The Tay Rail Brig disaster[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first Tay rail brig wis opened in 1878, efter siven years biggin. It wis the langest brig in the hail warld at the time.

Nae lang efter trains stairtit yaisin the brig, on the nicht o an affy hoolie, reportit tae hae been ane o the wirst in 30 year wi gales o 80 miles an hoor, the grand brig faad doon tae the the watter in a michty stramash, takin abdy on board, ower 50 souls, tae their deiths.

An inquiry wis held no long efter, an foond a hale load o problems, aa o which contributed tae the disaster. The iron the brig wis biggit oot o was reportit tae hae been o pair quality, the inspector was a brickie by trade and no qualified to check the brig was soond, the gaffer was no very weel, near enough siventy an no able tae talk tae the investigators, an anither o the ingineers had flitted tae Australia! But, the main culprit? It wis the houlin wind. It was neer expectit that sic gales wud blaw across the Tay.

The disaster wis commemorated in a poem bi William McGonagall.

Coordinates: 56°26′14.4″N 2°59′18.4″W / 56.437333°N 2.988444°W / 56.437333; -2.988444